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Why do we have a census, and why is it important. 

Does Everyone get counted? 

Courageous Coach says, say the pledge or you're out of here 

Teacher Fired for being conservative

Philly Teens go berzerk and tear up the town 

Cineplex  decides to show "Unplanned" in Canada and lefties lose their minds

Epstein Barr is a virus with underage girls getting raped. 


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Wonderful Peaceful Islamist Muslims Lock Christians in Church and set it on fire,
Ross Perot Passes Away (gave 100 million to trump???
Tommy Attaway discusses the Perot Campaign which he headed
Montana Sex reassignment clinic goes live

News, Politics, with a Texas Flavor.

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Tim Westley gets grilled by Doc Greene on the constitution, Immigration, The Border and other items
Russian Submariners laid to rest
Drinking from the toilet ehh?
Navy EOD techs get Bronze Star
San Fran Sicko School compelled to eliminate George Washington
Linda SureSour goes nuts and says Jesus was a Palestinian

News, Politics, with a Texas Flavor.

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What 90 Year Olds Regret 

Trump in Korea Raw Video 

Trump Pardons Hammond Family Ranchers in Oregon

My Thoughts on the Korea Video 

Why Millennials are depressed 

Jim Beam burns down

Body Language analysis of Trump in Korea 

Google intends to hack the election 

Col Allen Wests announces candidacy for RPT 

The Declaration of Independence 



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American Submarine sunk off coast of Alaska
Dems finally want to stop border crossing
Free DickEtomies
Making Fun Of Congress illegal?
Louis the Fairy Conn
Muslim Marine wants to shoot up AFB
Mark Farner...supports the 2nd Amendment


News, Politics, with a Texas Flavor.

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Alien with Green card and multiple felonies kills Marines

Special Rights and considerations for Homosexual in Houston TX 

John Mark gives his ideas on who wins the next civil war

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Docs thoughts on the Democrat debate 

Disney hit by thieves 

Is the "Mass Shooting Map" accurate? 

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