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Rocky Mountain High???
Psychodildo Mushrooms legalized
Norman Fitts Screen Writer, and Author Helps movie makers find talent
The "Mile High" club Sex in the air
The Doctrine of Taqiya Why they have to lie
Muslim woman planned to poison the water supply
Tom Glass on the banning of guns in Air Line Maintenance areas
Criminals getting OSHA rules to protect them

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Democrat States move to block Donald John Trump from being on the Ballot

NY Law will require you to have insurance before you can own a firearm www.SelfDefenseFund.Com

Asia Bibi escapes beheading in Pakistan for converting to Christianity

Democrats politicize a rally to mourn shooting victims in Colo

Who is Maxine Waters

Texas Legislature proposes bill to reign in social media censorship
Jim Acosta Press Pass Banned again?

News, Politics, and GREAT MUSIC with a Texas Flavor.

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Republican Leadership in Texas embraces Islam

Infringing on our God Given Rights Luke 22:36 Red Flag Laws

Traffic Court Extortion in Texas

Homosexual teacher with HIV rapes 7 year old boy then tries to kill him and his family

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What Role did the FBI play in the Garland Texas ISIS attack?

CNN is cutting jobs and buying out contracts

Chinese Spies hacked the NSA

Tommy Attaway with VietNam History

A-Z America is lost 40 acres and a Mule

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Moo-slim immigrant rapes 11 girls in 2 weeks and does not get deported?

Whose Idea was it to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities?
Why does a girl who wants to be a boy get to take performance enhancing drugs to be able to beat up the other girls and then get a trophy for it?

Georgia Man locks girl in dog cage for a year so he can rape her daily and gets how much jail time???


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Are we going to lose our Constitutional Republic? 

Wife of Veteran Shot 5 times in NO KNOCK raid in Houston 

We are losing the battle for our children's minds in schools 

MSNBC accidentally makes the case for the 2nd Amendment 

Store Owner defends his store and family and wins

Doc Greene and The Greene Brothers Band joins Lone Star College for a night of FUN 



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289 Great Things that Donald John Trump has accomplished in just over 2 years. You won't get this anywhere else

Do Walls work? 10 great examples that say they do 

Why has Kuwait jailed a beautiful blond CEO?  

Is President Trump really going to send illegals to sanctuary cities? 

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Why Republicans need to quit acting like Democrats
Texas Is promising to raise your taxes and you should like it?
Red Flag Laws in Texas and other places
Chicago Democrat has a solution to solve the abortion problem...Hmmm
Ihan Omar says "The USA will not be a white country"

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Going after Trump's 4th Amendment Rights

Preparing For Greatness

University Teaching Sexual Responses in infants???

Women Glue their breasts to the street to protest global warming

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Wonderful Muslims, and Why we love them so much

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